"If you look into the past of a successful painter you will find square miles of canvas"
-Charles Hawthorne

Friday, October 30, 2009

50 Paintings Completed...Reflections on the Challenge

A month ago when I began this challenge I knew I would enjoy it but I had no idea just how much it would recharge and energize me.  I was a bit concerned that I would run out of ideas by 50 paintings but instead I am filled with ideas I want to try. I am already planning for my next challenge.  I always tell others that the thing that really improved my work was doing a daily painting....in effect starting to accumulate those 'miles of canvas'. I enjoy doing a daily painting but this challenge has given me permission to paint 'outside of the box'. There is no need to worry about creating a good painting. This is for fun...a chance to try new techniques and color combinations. What have I discovered so far?

  • I tend to reach for the same colors though I have tried to get better about this. This challenge has shown me that I haven't really explored new and exciting color combinations.
  • I have been told I paint loose and painterly but I discovered that my usual style still can be fussy. I still want to 'decorate' my trees with leaves and skyholes.  I am enjoying when I do a variation that is less fussy and more abstract. I don't know where I will go with that in my other work but I am having fun with it here.
  • I am enjoying working on a textured surface and building up thick layers of pastel.

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