"If you look into the past of a successful painter you will find square miles of canvas"
-Charles Hawthorne

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Painting on Black Sandpaper

'Variation #61'              5x7            pastel
Last week it seemed to be all about texture and I experimented with ways to get the pastel on thick and look more like paint. This week I seem to have shifted somewhat in my style. I am returning to a bit more realistic look and my latest have quite a moody feel to them. This one is my favorite of the last few. It was painted on black sandpaper. A student of mine gave me a sheet of wet/dry silicon carbide paper to try. I know it isn't archival but oh it was so nice to paint on! The pastels went on like butter.


  1. On black sandpaper...wow,,,great effect too....love the white,,,gives it a really dreamy feel.

  2. Thanks! It was a fun surface to paint on!