"If you look into the past of a successful painter you will find square miles of canvas"
-Charles Hawthorne

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Variation #53 Using Canson Board

'Variation #53'            5x7       pastel
This variation is for Jayne!  The other night at class Jayne needed to borrow a piece of paper. I had some canson boards cut down to 5x7 that I was able to share. We don't usually like to work on Canson and this was canson mounted on matboard so the right side or the bumpy side was showing. Not fun to paint on and Jayne was not having fun with it. I had three of those big canson boards that I needed to use so I decided to apply a pumice/gesso mix to it to give the surface more tooth. It worked like a charm and gave me a nicely texture surface to work on. I tinted the mixture orange before I applied it. It worked great with no buckling of the board. Now I have a stack of 5x7's to paint on. I made my pumice mix pretty rough because I wanted a lot of tooth. As you can see in this painting, I couldn't put in too much fussy detail.

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